4 Types of Videos that Businesses Should Start Creating

For any business nowadays it is more important than ever to get on board the video content train. With more people than ever consuming more hours of video than ever before, businesses are more likely to reach more people with videos than any other type of content. On top of that the engagement levels of […]

How Businesses Can Tap Into the Potential of Online Videos

As internet speeds get faster and it becomes easier to stream and download video content the quality and popularity of videos have increased. For businesses, online videos now represent an almost compulsory form of content, as if you aren’t tapping into their potential then you’re likely to be left behind. For a business to truly […]

Instagram Video Announced – 15 Sec Video, 13 Filters And Cinema

Facebook today announced instagram videos, a direct competitor for vine, video sharing service from twitter. Instagram videos is available on the same existing instagram photos app. An update will be released today, once updated you can see a small video icon near the photos icon. Tap on video icon, shoot videos and share it on instagram. […]

AT&T Vs Verizon – iPhone 4 Commercial War

iPhone 4 the most popular gadget from apple.  Like AT&T , Verizon is not selling any iPhone 4 till 2011. Recently iPhone 4 has launched from Verizon with some minor changes whith phone’s structure. Verizon has recently released its new commercial which hits the AT&T reception problem. and the ad says “Yes!. I can here you now” It’s […]

Will Angry Birds Go Peace With Green Pigs?

Angry Birds are angry enough to walk out from a peace treaty with the Pigs. Angry Birds is a game that holds the special place for the most downloaded paid game in the app store, this angry birds are now available for free in android powered mobile phones. The theme behind the game is simple, […]