If You Don’t Have An iPhone, New 3 iPhone 4 Commercials By Apple

Apple has recently released 3 new commercials for the iPhone 4. These ads shows the various rocking features of the iPhone 4 like the App Store, integrated iPod, iBook and books store. If you don’t have an iPhone you must definitely watch these commercials 🙂 If you don’t have an iPhone, will you get one […]

AT&T Vs Verizon – iPhone 4 Commercial War

iPhone 4 the most popular gadget from apple.  Like AT&T , Verizon is not selling any iPhone 4 till 2011. Recently iPhone 4 has launched from Verizon with some minor changes whith phone’s structure. Verizon has recently released its new commercial which hits the AT&T reception problem. and the ad says “Yes!. I can here you now” It’s […]