How Businesses Can Tap Into the Potential of Online Videos

As internet speeds get faster and it becomes easier to stream and download video content the quality and popularity of videos have increased. For businesses, online videos now represent an almost compulsory form of content, as if you aren’t tapping into their potential then you’re likely to be left behind. For a business to truly […]

Adonit Jot Script 2 [Review]

Over the years, Adonit has released a number of styluses that included the non-electronic and Bluetooth ones. With the introduction of the Jot Script 2, Adonit included the finest technologies in its stylus that included pressure sensitivity, rechargeable batteries, and shortcut buttons. So today I am going to review this amazing Adonit Jot Script 2 […]

a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS [Review]

a-JAYS Five is the headphone meant for iOS devices which is built using the most advanced technologies. This headphone delivers quality audio to your ears which transport perfect voice clarity and audio surrounding. So today I am going to review this outstanding product from which is the headphone of this generation and supports the […]

Leef iBridge Mobile Memory Review

Leef iBridge Mobile memory is a mobile storage solution for iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac/PC. It is a memory storage stick that increases the storage capacity on your iOS device allowing you to transfer photos, music, videos, files and documents. The device consist of both a Lightning connector and USB 2.0 […]

4 Reasons Google Nexus Is Better Than iPad

Apple has ruled the computer market since ages and when iPad was introduced in 2011 it became the neighbour’s envy and owner’s pride. If you are in love with apple products then you may find it difficult to believe but it is true there are substantial reasons which support the fact that Google Nexus is […]