4 Types of Videos that Businesses Should Start Creating

For any business nowadays it is more important than ever to get on board the video content train. With more people than ever consuming more hours of video than ever before, businesses are more likely to reach more people with videos than any other type of content. On top of that the engagement levels of videos are the unparalleled as well, making it all the more attractive.

Naturally there are some types of videos that perform better than others, and are more innately appealing and engaging. Needless to say those are the types of videos that businesses should start creating, and these 4 top that list:

  • Instructional guides and tutorials

An instructional ‘how to’ guide that helps viewers with a particular problem or to perform a specific action is by very definition helpful and carries a very natural appeal. By creating this type of videos businesses can indirectly promote their products or services as well, by showing how they can be used to solve a problem or carry out a task. For digital products you may want to learn how to record screen on Windows 10 or the platform your product uses.

  • Case studies

In a case study, you will take a specific situation where a product or service that your business provides has proven itself – and dissect it. In some ways it has the power of social proof that a testimonial has as it will show a real customer or client benefiting from what your business has to offer. On top of that it will detail exactly why they were able to benefit, and how your business could help others facing the same issues.

  • Brand culture videos

Increasingly customers look to buy more than just a product or service from a business, but rather want to buy into its values and mission. Brand culture videos will give them a glimpse into the culture that your brand promotes, in an authentic and natural form. The more authentic these videos appear the better, as they will carry a more genuine appeal.

  • Demonstrations

Unlike instructional guides that focus on one way a product or service can be used to solve a problems, demonstrations provide a more extensive look at its features and how it can be used. Generally these videos work best when positioned to educate and inform viewers about what the business has to offer – on their website or sales platform.

As you can see each one of the types of videos highlighted above has a specific role to play in helping your business to reach more customers while promoting its products or services. If you aren’t already taking advantage of any of these types of videos, you should make it a priority to do so sooner rather than later. All said and done the sheer effectiveness of videos is something that you can’t afford to ignore, and it could make a world of difference to your business and its bottom line.

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