AT&T Vs Verizon – iPhone 4 Commercial War

iPhone 4 the most popular gadget from apple.  Like AT&T , Verizon is not selling any iPhone 4 till 2011. Recently iPhone 4 has launched from Verizon with some minor changes whith phone’s structure.

Verizon has recently released its new commercial which hits the AT&T reception problem. and the ad says “Yes!. I can here you now”

It’s beautiful. It’s intelligent. Even genius. But does your network work? …… “Yes, I can hear you now.”

As  fight back from AT&T, it also released new commercial, in this a guy gets call from his wife and checking about their anniversary plans, which he forgot. He then opened the the internet and checks for fine dinner, while the call is still active. Which is obviously not possible in Verizon iPhone 4 .

“Only AT&T network allows you to talk and surf at same time”

What do you think of these two commercials from America’s top mobile networks? Do share your views..

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  1. Liked the AT&T network ads… :p hehehe

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