Asus ROG Phone 2 complete review – Is This The Best Phone For Gaming

As the mobile gaming industry is getting bigger, more and more manufactures are trying to make phones that could please the gamers. And the Asus ROG Phone 2 is an excellent phone for gamers. But the question is, what makes a phone a gaming phone? Is it a phone, or it is a device that […]

Best Football Games & Apps for Android

Football is one of the most played sports around the world and hence the madness that people have for the game is unreal. Considering the number of people that this sport attracts, it is natural that developers would reap the benefits of the addiction to its finest and this is why we have some great […]

Popular Android Games of 2016

Android gaming keeps on improving and moving the gaming goal posts as it does so. Not only are there mobile games that enter and alter the market, but there are also re-releases of old classics and even the console’s biggest names have been re-designed to create compressed mobile versions of themselves to capitalise on the […]

Customize Your Moto G With Official Back Shell

Motorola is releasing affordable smartphones with better hardware than its competitors. Moto G is the game changing smartphone in the android world. Moto G comes with better hardware configuration for $199. Which is very affordable for many old school phone users and a best backup phone to stay connected. Moto G is packed with 1.2 […]

Moto E Launched In India For Rs. 6999

Motorola lost its market in India. After the launch of Moto G in India, Motorola got is place back. Moto G is absolutely value for money device. After the success of Moto G, Motorola launched its high end Moto X in India which has more advance features and hardware when compared with Moto G. Today […]