11 Steps to make your LinkedIn profile look professional

Remember that LinkedIn is a professional network, there is a lot of serious business networking that happens from there and it is essential to look and be professional on this network. So just having a LinkedIn profile is not going to get you anywhere, you need to have a professional profile. Remember that HR executives […]

How Important Is Social Media For A Small Company?

Today is the day of the lean and mean enterprise, these lightweight and fast guys are ruling the roost and literally changing the name of the game. Rules are being re-written and the sky is the limit to those who have the will and the plan to execute. There are many examples of such small […]

Are Retweets and Online Trust Related?

Twitter is quite a rage now. On twitter, there are a lot of people who want to be on the top of influence charts and lists everywhere. This has led to many tools that measure and report a person’s influence on twitter. There is a vanity value attached to one’s influence on twitter. There are […]

PPC And AdWords Trends In Australia

For the online marketer or business looking for strong online exposure, Google AdWords delivers a simple, practical and robust platform for gaining paid exposure. Designing a strong AdWords campaign around the keywords that mean the most to your business will improve your positioning and possibly increase revenue. Similar to any pay-per-click (PPC) advertising method, Adwords […]

SEO Services – Know The Current Trend

If you have just put up a site, well done and congratulations for the start you have made. But you now need to get traffic to your site and this traffic needs to be free organic traffic as you do not want to spend money on paid traffic. SEO, or search engine optimisation, will help you get […]