TarDisk – Ultimate Storage Expansion Drive For Mac

Macbook, ultimate productivity machine from Apple. Storage is very important when it comes to any computer or mobile device. I  am using a MacBook Air with 128 GB SSD Storage. Storage is a Problem. I was using large portable HDD’s. Finally found a neat solution. TarDisk is the perfect storage expansion drive for us. Just forget […]

RhinoShield PlayProof – Impact Protection Case [Review]

Where do you go when you want a lightweight case that is strong enough to make sure that you phone doesn’t break even when you drop, throw it or go crazy in any other way? Yeah, that’s practically impossible, but RhinoShield PlayProof will get you close to that. Before I proceed with the review, you should […]

ASUS Zenfone Max Review

Asus Zenfone Max is a powerful phone that originated from the Zenphone family. Zenfone Max comes with a dominant battery that also works as a power bank. The phone was launched in August 2015 and has surpassed its competitors with its impressive performance. Zenfone Max comes with a 5.5-inch IPS capacitive touchscreen display with 13MP […]

MUST-READ: Extending Drive C Through A Powerful Tool 

Extending Drive C through system partition is important to allow more space for data and information. This particular drive has limitation. However, by having an effective partitioning tool, you will be able to have more space on it. As known to many, this is where system and boot partition is located. The previous operating systems, […]

Sandisk Wireless Connect USB Drive – Review

Storage is important to every gadget owner. How to safely store a file, how you access the stored content. When it comes to storage, quick access and easy portability, USB flash drives play a vital role. Nowadays OTG USB drives are available in markets. If you have an Android phone the are lots of Micro […]