Techinline Remote Desktop On The Web Just Got Easy And Affordable

Remote desktop is a magical thing according to many, a really useful tool according to some. There are a lot of options available on the web but every option or the other brings us a download page and makes us use a installable client, which is, you know, some what not so user friendly. What […]

Movavi – A Fast Video Converter That Does All

Full featured is an understatement for this product. While I was searching for a good instant watermarking video/audio converter and basic editor, I found this movavi video converter that does literally whatever I wanted, and a lots more. It converts anything you give at it, video format to any other, like audio, GIF. .etc. File […]

RockMelt Browser Got Update. Now Supports Chrome Web Store

RockMelt is a browser developed on Google‘s chromium opensource project. As new year gift, RockMelt has got updated to chromium 8, with latest additions and bug fix. Now with the latest release you can also access Chrome Web Store apps. Enhancements in Version RockMelt now supports Chrome Web Store apps! Faster, more reliable feeds – […]

Yogile Photo Sharing Review and Pro Account Giveaway

Photo Sharing is Popular Now a days. The happiest Moments is to be shared between Friends and Photos Will Make us to remember the past. Today I came across a Simple photo Sharing Site Which allows you and others to share the Photos in your album. Yogile uses a different Strategy it lets multiple people contribute photos […]

Use Your Desktop with Pleasure

Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool where you can make the icons arranged in certain patterns with the mouse gesture. This is really cool and you will definitely have fun. The following are the some of the patterns available in Desktop Icon Toy Clock (all the icons will be aligned as a […]