Techinline Remote Desktop On The Web Just Got Easy And Affordable

Remote desktop is a magical thing according to many, a really useful tool according to some. There are a lot of options available on the web but every option or the other brings us a download page and makes us use a installable client, which is, you know, some what not so user friendly. What if you want to do everything on the web?

Well, not to worry, I have found a superb solution for that, and that solution is, Techinline remote desktop solution. So, what is a remote Access?

A remote access is a way of gaining control over another machine’s through an internet connection. This is where techinline pitches in. It’s a simple to use remote access solution that can run inside a modern web browser using just a plugin or add on. Welcome to the web 2.0 of RDC.

Let’s start digging on how it works then. Their website has a neat guide, but I’ll elaborately take you through it anyways.

First and foremost, you have to register with them for a free 15 day trial, in which you can evaluate your experience and then, if you are happy, you can buy it.

Techinline Remote Desktop Tested On Firefox Browser

Once you register with Techinline, you will receive the credentials, with which you need, to login to , but before that you need to install the add on with respect to the browser.

Techinline Remote Desktop

After installing the add on, you will be provided with the login screen where you can input your credentials

Techinline Remote Desktop - Login

After logging in with your credentials, you are now ready to start your remote desktop session with your client. Be aware that we are now in control of the server part of the solution where you can start sessions with the client.

Techinline Remote Desktop  - Client ID

To initiate any session with your client, the client ID is needed. You must ask the client to go to for generating the ID which looks like this

Techinline Remote Desktop Client ID

After getting the ID, you can input it into the field provided and you are all set for your first RDC experience. The user/client must approve from their side to allow you to remotely control their system, which is mandatory, duh!

Techinline Remote Desktop

Once they click accept, your remote session will start immediately. The client side will look like this-

Techinline Remote Desktop

And our server side will look like this-

Techinline Remote Desktop

Ok, let’s see what kind of features we get from the server side of the solution.

First, you get to choose what kind of remote connection you want. You can choose to just view, or control the client’s desktop.

Techinline Remote Desktop

And this is how their desktop looks like, in our world.

 Techinline Remote Desktop 9

You are given the option to manipulate anything, exactly like our own desktop. Even you can use a marker to point the user what is wrong. Other options include image quality for connection optimization, view mode and clipboard sync. Neat, I say!

The second control option provides you the options to choose how the user can view your desktop, as you know, this is a two way connection if both parties choose to. It has similar options.

Techinline Remote Desktop 10

Next option is the capability to reboot the user’s PC if necessary. It works with the user’s permission of course, with a prompt in their chat window.

And finally, you can send any type of file to the client, but unfortunately, this is a one way road, you can only send, not receive.

Apart from these options, there are some more advanced options available but I won’t touch on these because it may scare you. But if you are the geek type like me, you would love to know that there are options for us power users too.And that leaves us with one last thing, the pricing options when you decide to buy it.

Techinline Remote Desktop - Price

The above options are very flexible and affordable in my honest opinion. And for this app, which is a great web based alternative to big wigs like team viewer, the affordability stands out. It has an easy to use interface and lesser hindrances in user experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Give it a go and let us know how you feel, in the comments section below.

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