RockMelt Browser Got Update. Now Supports Chrome Web Store

RockMelt is a browser developed on Google‘s chromium opensource project. As new year gift, RockMelt has got updated to chromium 8, with latest additions and bug fix. Now with the latest release you can also access Chrome Web Store apps. Enhancements in Version RockMelt now supports Chrome Web Store apps! Faster, more reliable feeds – […]

Hover Zoom Extension For Chrome

A little thumbnail or image to the content makes it more attractive. Thumbnails are also added to the profile pictures and also in many places over the web. Now to Check these  pictures or thumbnails you can just move your mouse cursor over them to view images in their full size with Hover Zoom Extension […]

How to Zoom Facebook Photos

Do you Want to Zoom Facebook Photos From your Feed? Do you want to check Your Friend Photo Without Visiting His/Her Profile? Now its Easy to Zoom Profile Pictures or Album Pictures by pointing the Mouse over the Image! This Saves Your time and Bandwidth! You just Need to Download the Extention/ plugin For your […]

StayFocusd Extension For Google Chrome

Now a Days Many of Us Kill our time on Surfing the Web. After Social Media Sites like Face book and Twitter, We all Busy Engaged in them, We Even Forget or Works! StayFocusd is an Extension For Chrome Which Allows you To Block Website. Stay Focus Allows You to Access the Blocked Sites in […]

A Short Video About Google Chrome OS

Don’t know about the Chrome OS that Google is developing. Here is a short informative video that won’t take much of your time and will give you an Idea of what the Chrome OS is all about.