Yogile Photo Sharing Review and Pro Account Giveaway

Photo Sharing is Popular Now a days. The happiest Moments is to be shared between Friends and Photos Will Make us to remember the past. Today I came across a Simple photo Sharing Site Which allows you and others to share the Photos in your album.

Yogile uses a different Strategy it lets multiple people contribute photos to yor album, you have to simply login setup the custom url and Custom Email, Email uploading of Pictures is also possible in Yogile

Take a wedding, for example. Dozens of attendees take their own photos, all from different cameras and angles. While you might try asking everyone for their shots afterward, Yogile offers a smart alternative.

Just Login with a Valid Email and Password to Start Sharing your Pictures at Yogile.

How to Create an album in Yogile?

1.Go to my Albums – Add Photo album.

2.Give the Album Name

3.Give Album Password : This is optional but its Safe if you give a Password

4.Select the the Proper URL and Email Address That is east to remember for you.

5.Tick Review photo Submissions From others – This will improve the security as it allows the owner of the album to manually approve the photo if submitted by someone else to the album

Yogile - New Album

once you added the Photos and Share,  It asks for email address which you can manually enter or you can import from your mail’s adderess book. Currently you can import email from Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail.

If you share a password Protected Album, it Asks for the password to display the album contents.

How add the Photos to the Album if you are not the owner of the album?

Browser Based

If you have the Yogile album sharing URL, Enter it in the address bar of your browser, if it is password protected album enter the password and login, you can see add photos to the top right near the album click on that to contribute the photos to the album. If the owner of the album moderates, your contribution will be under moderation and it will be shown once the owner approves the photo.

Yogile - Protected Album

E-Mail Based:

You can also upload the photos to the album through the custom Email you have selected during the creation of the Problem. If the album is open you can just attach the photo and send it to the custom Yogile email for contributing the Photo to the album.

Again If the Owner Sets the password for the album, you have to enter the password in the body or the subject along with the photos to contribute photos to the password protected Albums.


Yogile allows Free User a Limit of 100 MB per month to upload ands share the Album, You can also Get a Pro Yogile Account for $24.95/Year, Which is Quite Inexpensive.

In Pro Account You Get the Following Features!!

Unlimited photo uploads and storage for all albums in your account.

Unlimited number of photo albums.

Completely ad-free sharing and browsing


Yogile Has Agreed to Give one Pro Account for DigiSecrets Readers. All you have to do is to complete Some Tasks !

What You have to Do to win This Pro Account?

1.Register Yourself in Yogile (MUST DO, MOST IMPORTANT)

2.Retweet This Post in Twitter and Post your Tweet Link in the Comment Box (MUST DO, MOST IMPORTANT)

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4.Like US on Facebook

One Winner Will be Randomly Selected ..

Results Will be Announced on 5 /11 / 2010..

Do Share Your Views on Yogile!!

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  1. Good luck with the contest :).

  2. Yogile give me more features than other photo sharing…….


  3. with 100mb of photo storage and that too free of cost is one of the strogest reason why i like Yogile…


  4. Hi Karthik, this one looks cool. Well, I have so many accounts on various photo sharing sites. I would have gone for this one but not in the mood now. Please don’t mind it..dear. Keep up the contest. All the best :):)

  5. soon participate the competition 🙂 tnx dude 🙂

  6. It looks cool, 100mb of photo storage isn’t bad. I will surely try it 😀

  7. It looks cool, 100mb of photo storage isn’t bad. I will surely try it 😀


    RT @Digisecrets Yogile Photo Sharing Review and Pro Account Giveaway | DigiSecrets http://su.pr/3i9E5S

  8. Tweet link:- http://twitter.com/PriWrites/status/29151139860

    Yogile has much facilities than the others 🙂

  9. Besides it being a good tool to share photos..it’s just COOL! Thanks for sharing!

    KingCho KingCho
    RT @Digisecrets Yogile Photo Sharing Review and Pro Account Giveaway | DigiSecrets http://su.pr/3i9E5S

  10. Liked ur fanpage and
    Hope i will win this contest 😀

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    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

  11. Yogile looks neat, web 2.0 and easier to use

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    Liked your fanpage and added you 🙂

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