Your Life Depends On A Password, How To Create A Secure Password ?

“Password” – The most important secret code of your digital life. Today’s world everything is connected and online. From Communication to Banking, everything is electronic. Each user is assigned with unique user ID and password. Selecting a password completely depends on the user, but there are some criteria to create a safe password. Today’s word […]

Yogile Photo Sharing Review and Pro Account Giveaway

Photo Sharing is Popular Now a days. The happiest Moments is to be shared between Friends and Photos Will Make us to remember the past. Today I came across a Simple photo Sharing Site Which allows you and others to share the Photos in your album. Yogile uses a different Strategy it lets multiple people contribute photos […]

Log On Automatically in Windows Vista!!

Sometimes you don’t have extremely important or sensitive information on your computer ( for example a gaming computer ) and you don’t like to log in every single time you reboot your computer when your are busy installing softwares. You can set your computer to log in automatically. 1. Type control userpasswords2 into the Start […]