Looking for Trouble: How Your Web Searches Are Putting You at Risk for Malware

When you’re looking for ideas for your next weekend getaway, instructions for a home improvement project or just about anything else, chances are you head online, turn to your favorite search engine and find what you need in minutes. And while the majority of Web searches aren’t going to cause you trouble, there are some […]

Security Applications For Your Android Phones

Bought an Android phone recently? Or are you an Android lover, choosing the ruling operating software over Windows and Apple iOS? If that’s the case then you’re bound to take care of your smart-phone. Not only physically with cases and plastic covers but internally as well, with firewalls and anti-virus programs. As Android gets increasing […]

Microsoft Locks In Battle Against Malware In Computers In China

Since the dawn of computers, tech gurus and online investigators have warned consumers against the threat of malware which can creep into their PC through infected files and suspicious links. Advancement in technology and subsequent increase in malicious software has made the users extra vigilant of any malware lurking in computers that would infect the […]