Microsoft Locks In Battle Against Malware In Computers In China

Since the dawn of computers, tech gurus and online investigators have warned consumers against the threat of malware which can creep into their PC through infected files and suspicious links. Advancement in technology and subsequent increase in malicious software has made the users extra vigilant of any malware lurking in computers that would infect the […]

Let’s Welcome Surface Tablet From MicroSoft

Few hours back Microsoft announced Surface Tablet at Los Angeles Event. Surface tablet with hit the market with Windows 8 Operating system. Surface Tablet comes in two variants as Surface RT Tablet and Surface Pro Tablet Surface RT Tablet Specifications Windows RT Operating System Nvidia ARM CPU 9.3mm thick – 676 grams 10.6 inch Clear […]

Kinect Hacked To Play Virtual Sex Games

Kinect is a controller free platform for Microsoft Xbox 360 to improve the gaming experience. ThriXXX the adult entertainment compay has hacked the Xbox 360 controller to new sexy approach. This hack for kinect controller allows user to experience Virtual Sex. ThriXXX has hacked the kinect to work with their own virtual sex games. They’ve come up with a way to […]

Xbox 360 : Project Natal

Project Natal (pronounced na-tall) is the code name for the new controller-free gaming and entertainment experience from Xbox 360. Now Kick The Ball, Catch it. throw it.. !! Project Natal is the Motion Sensing Decice for your XBOX 360 consoles. This Device connects to the Xbox 360 game system, tracks players’ voices and body movements […]

Automatic Table of contents in MS-Word 2007

How many of us know about the unique features available in Microsoft word? I bet there are very few. In this article, I will tell you guys about one of the coolest features of Microsoft Word. This really helps Technical writers and others who write documents containing lots of pages. This really helps students while […]