Know How To Use The Data Of Exchange 2003 in Outlook 2013

As Microsoft has indulged the users in a series of app-laudable products, one more development has been added to its repository, lately in January 2013. MS Outlook 2013 is now available for use with feature enhancement and performance improvement. Below is a list of some new and fascinating features of the very application: Attachment Reminder Improved Cached […]

Microsoft Locks In Battle Against Malware In Computers In China

Since the dawn of computers, tech gurus and online investigators have warned consumers against the threat of malware which can creep into their PC through infected files and suspicious links. Advancement in technology and subsequent increase in malicious software has made the users extra vigilant of any malware lurking in computers that would infect the […]

5 Cool Things We Love About Windows 8

Windows 8 is a new evolution of Microsoft technology, customer service and quality. Although Windows is certainly not beloved by everyone, this new operating system offers many completely new features; the user experience is expected to be elevated in several different ways. This breakdown will briefly discuss five particularly intriguing features of Windows 8, but […]

Let’s Welcome Surface Tablet From MicroSoft

Few hours back Microsoft announced Surface Tablet at Los Angeles Event. Surface tablet with hit the market with Windows 8 Operating system. Surface Tablet comes in two variants as Surface RT Tablet and Surface Pro Tablet Surface RT Tablet Specifications Windows RT Operating System Nvidia ARM CPU 9.3mm thick – 676 grams 10.6 inch Clear […]

How To Install Whatsapp Messenger On Your Windows PC

Whatsapp messenger is one of the most popular cross platform SMS service for mobile phones. whatsapp is available for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phones. In the last post we covered about Bluestacks, which lets you to install any android games or android apps on your PC. Yes ! all you need is bluestacks to […]