Security Applications For Your Android Phones

Bought an Android phone recently? Or are you an Android lover, choosing the ruling operating software over Windows and Apple iOS? If that’s the case then you’re bound to take care of your smart-phone. Not only physically with cases and plastic covers but internally as well, with firewalls and anti-virus programs.

As Android gets increasing attention from the market it becomes an attractive hub for hackers and spammers. They want something new and challenging and what’s better than cracking an OS loved by consumers?


The first issue comes with Android Malware as it’s seen growing. According to a recent report by Trend Micro, Android Malware increased sharply in 2011 and another report shows how Android’s Malware growth increased from 10,369 cases to 22,600 cases between 2010 and 2011. This makes user’s worry over the safety of their Android phone and who wants their favorite phone to suffer from a security breach or malfunction. With hundreds of pictures, music and favorite applications users want their Android to work perfectly.

During the end of 2011 Android suffered serious Malware breaching. A Trojan Application known as GG Tracker mirrored over the Android Market, this application could sign users over to premium text messaging packages and increase their phone bills over tens and hundreds of dollars. After this the second attack was from Droid Dream Trojan, a serious Malware that could steal your data and install other unsafe applications to your phone automatically.

So after going through these serious security problems Android users don’t know what to do. How to secure your Android Phone? It’s not that difficult, only convenient as users need to know what they’re doing.

The first thing to do is use the official Google Play Market to download applications. Try to avoid downloading applications from third-party sources and websites such as 4shared and File-Crop. These applications could be sent by hackers and spammers and once you download them the game is all theirs. You also need to turn the third-party sources option from your Android phones. To do these just go into your Android Settings and open Security Menu or if you’re using Android’s 4.0 software than open Applications Menu and uncheck the option which states download from third-party sources.

After this try to research whatever applications you wish to download. If you’ve found a new game that sounds attractive then just wait and give it another look over the internet. If you don’t find anything wrong or comments that could portray the problem then you’re safe.

The third most important step to secure your Android is downloading anti-virus software. AVG, Avast and other anti-virus software are available on the Android market. If you’re unsure about which one to go for then just take a look at the ratings, downloaded times and user reviews, whichever seems appealing go for it and download it to safeguard your Android Phone.

Also whenever you get an email on your phone try to look at the subject and heading before you decide to open it. Many spammers send spam email and these could include Trojans or other malicious softwares. So before you decide to click on the “You’ve won $2000” think again and avoid opening such emails on your phone, better just delete them once you receive them.

Once you boot your device try to look for Super user prompts that pop up when an application requests for permission. By rooting you will be able to use powerful applications on your phone and with greater security so this will take away your anxiety over using the application in your Android.

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