Get SIRI for iPhone 4, iPad And iPod Touch For $20 Per Year

Every one is exited about SIRI. Siri is only available for iPhone 4S. Hackers has developed some methods to install Siri. Spire is one good tool to install Siri on iOS 5 devices, but unfortunately you need to set up proxy server to activate Siri on the jailbroken device. You can get Siri proxy server […]

Apple To Enhance Siri On iOS 5.1 ?

Apple recently released and update for iOS 5. In iOS 5.0.1 Apple announced that the batter drain problem for iPhone 4S is fixed. But after update many user claims that their battery drain problem in not yet fixed. Apple is also still woking on this issue. claims they received information from unknown Apple software engineer that, iOS 5.0.2 […]

HOW TO Delete Songs Right On Your iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch [No JailBreak]

In Early October 2011, Apple updates its most advance mobile operating system to next level. In iOS 5 there were over 200+ features. One such thing is deleting a song directly on your iDevice. In the previous versions you have to delete and re-sync the iDevice with iTunes. Here is the HOW TO : Launch […]

Graphical Changes On iOS 5 Compared With iOS 4

iOS 5 software was released early this month for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with over 200 new features like twitter integration, OTA updates, Awesome notification center, etc,. Apple Inc also made some graphical changes to iOS 5. Below are some of the graphical changes.   Do Share Your Views!! For more updates please Subscribe to […]

iOS 5, iCloud Will Reach Public Hands On Oct 12

Apple just finished its keynote and announced that the next most advance mobile operating system iOS 5 and iCloud will be out for public on OCT 12 2011 iOS 5 has lots of improved features than the previous iOS. iOS 5 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S the original iPad, iPad […]