Get SIRI for iPhone 4, iPad And iPod Touch For $20 Per Year

Every one is exited about SIRI. Siri is only available for iPhone 4S. Hackers has developed some methods to install Siri. Spire is one good tool to install Siri on iOS 5 devices, but unfortunately you need to set up proxy server to activate Siri on the jailbroken device. You can get Siri proxy server […]

Cluzee – Siri Like Personal Assistance For Android. Simply, It Just Sucks !

Few days back we saw the comparison on Microsoft’s Siri Like Technology “TellMe” Compared With Siri.  Cluzee is a Siri-like application for Android and many claims that, its one of the most intelligent personal assistants and has become a competitor to Siri. Here is the demo of cluzee, and its not even close to siri. Its funny to see […]