6 Best Features Of iOS 6

Apple announced iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. iOS 6 has 200+ improved features when compared to previous iOS versions. Here is the collection of 6 best features of iOS 6 Siri Apple’s most famous voice interaction system, Siri has gained a lot more capabilities and can perform many more tasks now. Siri can carry out […]

Finally Siri Speaks Hindi [Unofficial] [Video]

Apple introduce iPhone 4S back in october 2011. iPhone 4S has SIRI, Virtaul assistant that can perform your task and you can command her using your voice. Siri is still in beta, but its popular. Apple Inc, now slowly intoducing in many languages. What about Indian Languages ? Its still unknown ­čÖü A young iOS […]

Italian Language Support For SIRI Will Be Coming This Year

Siri, the├é┬áintelligent├é┬ávirtual assistant for iPhone 4S. During march 7th “The New iPad” Event, Apple announced Japanese language support for Siri. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc,├é┬áresponded├é┬áto customer email and confirmed that Siri Italian Language Support will be released later this year. Dear Tim, I wonder why you do not like Italy, I think we are […]

Apple Airs Two TV Ads, “Road Trip” And “Rock God”

Apple Inc, today released 2 tv commercials for iPhone 4S. Both ads are focused on Siri, a virtual coice assistant for iPhone 4S. Siri can call for you, read and send text and emails, find directions, find answers using Wolfram Alpha and does lot more stuffs. As usual these commercials are unique ! Do Share […]

iPhone 4S Siri Mock Video From Scotland [Humor]

iPhone 4S, the most amazing iPhone has Siri, Virtual voice Assistance. Siri is alsmost perfect for Americans, but when it comes to global level, Siri can’t understand user commands in many countries due to different accent and dialects. Many users got frustration because of this. Siri is not that smart in Scotland. Here is a […]