Face Detection Security For iOS and Mac [Apple Patent]

Apple recent patent shows us that Face Detection Security for iOS and Mac coming soon. Google announced te face unlock feature on Google Galaxy Nexus smartphone, we also saw that it can unlock the phone with user’s photo or sometimes it Force Close. Apple’s Face Detection may come to future iOS devices and Macs. Apple’s […]

Logic3 TopDrive GT Steering Wheel Review

Logic3 TopDrive GT Steering Wheel enhance your racing game experience for PC and PS3. The 10 inch rubberized wheel gives extra control and comfort. The Force feedback vibration gives us an awesome experience.  Adjustable wheel sensitivie gives us precision control. The included pedals enhance our gaming experience and allow for realist control. Logic3 TopDrive GT Steering Wheel Features: Tri […]

iMusic Memory Foam Pillow Review

Likes Music? Is your headphones irritating when you are trying to relax? In that case, iMusic Memory Foam Pillow is the best solution for you. This pillow has a built in speaker which lets you to listen to your music in total comfort. Since it uses 3.5 mm audio cable you can connect to iPod or […]

R2D2 Alarm Clock – Projects Time And Wakes You With R2D2 Sound

Are you StarWars Fan? If you are StarWars fan, I am sure you will be biggest fan of R2D2. The Droid that saved many people. R2D2 Alarm Clock resembles exactly like R2D2 Droid. The Alarm clock projects the times on the wall or celling, during night time it looks amazing. R2D2 Alarm clock can make […]

Android And Blackberry Owners Insulted By Robbers, They Want Only iPhone

Three Columbia Students were robbed in upper Manhattan. Robbers demanded iPhone and refesued to take Droid and Blackberry. NBC NewYork Report Says Twice at 526 114th St., and once at 556 114th St., the suspects demanded the victims hand over their iPhones, police said. The first victim complied, but the second only had a Droid, according […]