Big 2 Bonanza – The Simple Yet Addictive Poker Game on Facebook

I just got a request to review Big 2 Bonanza, a Facebook Poker application that recently released as BETA version. When I first heard about it, I thought that the game would more or less similar with the other Poker type of games that won’t be too much interesting for someone who only plays card […]

Facebook Page Admins Can Now Upload Images For Link Posts

To make our content beautiful we add related and high quality images according to the content. Webmasters hate if the images are not related to the post title or content. Facebook pages is one of the most important resource to build user engagement and better branding. We can share any type of content to make […]

Instagram Video Announced – 15 Sec Video, 13 Filters And Cinema

Facebook today announced instagram videos, a direct competitor for vine, video sharing service from twitter. Instagram videos is available on the same existing instagram photos app. An update will be released today, once updated you can see a small video icon near the photos icon. Tap on video icon, shoot videos and share it on instagram. […]

Russian Company Yandex Comes Out With Internet Browser, Android Store

Google might be the king of search (quite possibly the Internet) in America, but in Russia, it is a completely different story. The Russian search engine Yandex is the fifth largest search engine in the world, and serves as the primary engine for Russian speaking nations. Searches using Yandex account for around sixty percent of […]

Top 5 Reasons To Try Facebook Advertising

When was the last time you seriously gave thought to advertising on a social network like Facebook? If you have a business and want to give it a social presence, then you have undoubtedly given the idea a lot of thought. Perhaps you’re worried about failing to reach the proper audience. You may even be […]