Facebook Page Admins Can Now Upload Images For Link Posts

To make our content beautiful we add related and high quality images according to the content. Webmasters hate if the images are not related to the post title or content. Facebook pages is one of the most important resource to build user engagement and better branding. We can share any type of content to make it more interesting.

But when we share the link posts, sometimes Facebook grabs the proper post image from the blog or website but sometimes it will pick random image for the link we share. The shared content will not be appealing if the image is not related to the post title or description. Now Facebook added the killer option to upload images to the shared link on our Facebook page. This is one killer feature I was expecting for long time. With this feature page admin can now add related images to the link post if the images are not pulled properly.

Facebook Page Admin - Uplaod Images - Post Links

Now when we share any link, we can now see “Upload Image” under the image, we just need to click on upload image to add the related image for the content. This feature is not available for regular user accounts. Thanks Facebook for bringing this feature, this really helps facebook page owners for better branding.

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