Top 5 Reasons To Try Facebook Advertising

When was the last time you seriously gave thought to advertising on a social network like Facebook? If you have a business and want to give it a social presence, then you have undoubtedly given the idea a lot of thought. Perhaps you’re worried about failing to reach the proper audience. You may even be cringing to think of the Facebook advertising costs. Whatever your reasons for not trying it yet, there are more legitimate reasons to give it a go.


In the article below, read up on five of the top reasons that any businessperson should be creating a Facebook page and marketing via this huge social network. 

Tangible Reasons to Give Facebook a Try

1: An Infinite Reach

With well over 1 billion users, nearly half of whom check their Facebook pages at least once per day, this social network has an infinite reach. Thousands more are joining every single day, and almost every top brand in the world operates a Facebook page. There is literally no limit to the site’s reach. It’s everywhere.

2: Simplicity in Marketing

Contrary to popular belief, it’s actually easier to market on Facebook than to market via conventional methods. With great ad-management tools out there like Qwaya, users can set up ads quickly and effectively by selecting the appropriate tabs, touching up the “creative” aspects, splitting campaigns to touch different demographics, and launching them in the touch of a button.
3: Brand Building

The only real goal that matters in business is longevity. To reach that, you need brand recognition. Even Coca-Cola and KFC are using Facebook to grow their brands. That shows you just how powerful this medium is. If you’ve been wanting to build your brand, advertising via Facebook gives you a great opportunity to do so. And it doesn’t cost a lot of time or money.

4: Optimized Goals

There are more complicated goals people try to reach in their advertising campaigns, like measuring ROI and trying to build a higher CTR. Due to Facebook’s format, advertisers, with the help of a quality ad-management program, can experience optimized CPM, which means their market priorities are being met through efficient ad-delivery to the appropriate markets. Advertisers are able to work within their budgets with these optimized goals, and the returns are quite healthy.

5: Advertiser-Friendly Format

Facebook has taken great strides become a marketing-friendly medium. With the new Sponsored Stories presented in the news feed, your ads are now displayed in a user’s direct line of sight instead of being thrown off to the side. And when someone takes an action concerning your business, it can be displayed across their entire network. So while users may believe Facebook is only set up to suit them, which it of course also is, it’s also a marketer’s paradise.

Although there are only a few positive reasons listed above, anyone can get the picture and see exactly why advertising on Facebook is so important to a business. Whether it’s brand recognition or increased sales, Facebook ads can help you reach any goal.

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