5 Cool Things We Love About Windows 8

Windows 8 is a new evolution of Microsoft technology, customer service and quality. Although Windows is certainly not beloved by everyone, this new operating system offers many completely new features; the user experience is expected to be elevated in several different ways. This breakdown will briefly discuss five particularly intriguing features of Windows 8, but they are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Microsoft is out to break preconceptions and change the game with Windows 8, and some already expect it to accomplish this mission.


# 1: Internet Explorer 10

The Internet Explorer web browser has gotten bad press in the past, to be sure. However, Windows 8’s Internet Explorer 10 is actually very well designed and implemented. It is not only fast and fluid, but also extremely user friendly with a great visual effect. Its quality is especially apparent in its mobile version, although its traditional version is also solid. The zooming and panning features are extremely smooth and crisp, with reactions that seem to mimic the natural universe. The desktop version does not disappoint either.

# 2: The Semantic Zooming Feature

This is all about app organization, and optimizing the handling and juggling of them. With an easy pinch, the screen will zoom out and all of a user’s start screen tiles become much smaller, or minimized, so that they can then be simply and easily managed. They can be manually grouped, re-arranged, and dragged here and there, without all of the endless scrolling and bouncing windows to which PC users have grown accustomed.

# 3: An App Bar a Step Beyond OS X

While Windows 8 keeps in mind the usefulness of OS X and some of its key features, it has also evolved beyond even its capabilities. Windows 8 includes access to an App bar that engages when the bottom edge of the screen is swiped upwards. What this amounts to is the best of both worlds — controls and screen space.

# 4: App Management with Switching

With a quick left side swipe, or pulling on the top left using a mouse, you will be able to preview all of the currently running apps in use. An app can be dragged away from Snap state to shut it off with ease, and apps may still continue running in the Snap window while in a minimized state.

# 5: Charm Bar

Instead of the traditional Start Menu, a Charm bar has taken center stage in Windows 8. It is a universal and user-friendly tool bar. The newest version has been visually enhanced a bit with widened spacing. Additionally, beyond being accessible and efficient, whenever a choice is hit or clicked the bar will automatically appear where the thumb or pointer already is.

The hand held, tablet and desktop experience all appear poised to bring an impressive level of futuristic development to the operating system. Fans especially love the increased level of user friendliness, and believe this to be the most beautiful Windows display yet in terms of aesthetics. Windows 8 is meant to blow past versions of Windows away in every area; whether it succeeds in doing so remains to be seen.

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