Quick Tricks and Tips for Google Plus Users

A new social networking site is launched by Google very recently – the Google+. Google Plus offers the correct blend of privacy and sharing that can even drive you away from Facebook. Since Google+ is a new social networking medium, there may be a lot of confusion and mess regarding its functionality. You may find […]

How To Hack Window’s Notification Area??

This trick is completely useless but could be fun. You can write different words near the clock on the notification area. 1. Go to Start -> Control Panel and double click on Regional and Language Options. 2. Click on the ‘Customize this format’ button, Go to Time tab. 3. Enter the character or symbols you […]

How To Modify Partition in HDD After Installing OS.

Here Is a Simple Way to Modify Your Hard Disk Partition After Installing OS.. All Know The Partition Can Be Formatted But  Many Don’t Know That The Partition Can Also Be Modified After Installing OS Remember : Don’t Try With The Partition Where The OS is Installed!! BEFORE STARTING MAKE ALL THE NECESSARY BACKUP TO […]