Google Glass: Google Addresses Privacy Concerns Regarding Facial Recognition Technology

One initial idea for a Google Glass app was to implement facial recognition technology to create an app that would help users scan a crowded room for a familiar face.  Whereas the initial intent appeared useful rather than harmful, a number of safety concerns were cited before apps using facial recognition features were banned. Google’s futuristic glasses have […]

Google Maps vs Apple’s iOS 6 Maps

The iconic Brooklyn Bridge has vanished completely! The beloved symbol of liberty and freedom, the Statue of Liberty is gone! And even Apple’s famous Fifth Avenue store in the heart of New York doesn’t exist!  And you don’t have to rush out to spread this terrible news to everyone in sight. I can almost see you looking […]

Quick Tricks and Tips for Google Plus Users

A new social networking site is launched by Google very recently – the Google+. Google Plus offers the correct blend of privacy and sharing that can even drive you away from Facebook. Since Google+ is a new social networking medium, there may be a lot of confusion and mess regarding its functionality. You may find […]

Google Announced Hangout In Gmail.. This Is F**king Awesome !

Google is the leading Search Engine giant. Google introduced its email service few years back. Many users moved to Gmail because of its rich features and simplicity. Google Talk also announced once soon after Gmail’s Success. Video calling features also introduced few years back. Google also rolled out it’s social networking site Google+, The most […]

First Nexus 7 Commercial Aired By Google

Nexus 7 is the official tablet from Google with latest Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS. Google Nexus 7 Tablet was launched by Google at Goole I/O . A father and son explore the wild frontier with a little help from their Nexus 7.   Do Share Your Views ! For more updates please Subscribe to our […]