Quick Tricks and Tips for Google Plus Users

A new social networking site is launched by Google very recently – the Google+. Google Plus offers the correct blend of privacy and sharing that can even drive you away from Facebook. Since Google+ is a new social networking medium, there may be a lot of confusion and mess regarding its functionality. You may find its contacts and circles quite puzzling. How can you use it effectively?

Here are assembled some useful tips to assist you in using this new social networking site to your advantage. Don’t know how to use Google+? Just take a look…

Google Plus

Change the field sharing setup of your profile

In Google Account, you will find some basic fields which can be shared with anyone you like. But this doesn’t mean that you need to go for maximum sharing. You can limit the field sharing according to your choice. For this,

Go to Google Account Profile and privacy settings > click on Edit visibility on profile > click on separate profile fields for determining how public you wish to make the sharing.

Tweak email notification alternatives        

Google Plus by default sends you notification to the Gmail account for almost anything that happens in your new account. With so many notifications, your Gmail is bound to spam. The only solution for this is to make changes to the notification option so that you can reduce the Gmail traffic. Go to Google Accounts options and uncheck all those options for which you do not want to receive any notification.

Keep a look over Incoming feed

You are free to share things with someone who is not following you or whom you do not follow. This is one feature where Google+ beats Facebook. Now, with such wide sharing, it is quite natural that you will like to check the Incoming feed every moment. Shed off this habit and think of such follow-ups as interesting spam.

Disable resharing

In Google+, it is pretty easier to specify a particular group for sharing a post. Now, you have unlimited contacts and so, even if you share something with a selected few, it automatically spreads across the network like wildfire. Don’t worry; there is a way out for this as well. Disable the resharing option of some posts. You will find a button at the upper right corner of your post. Click it and then click on Disable resharing.

Make use of ‘Your Circles’ when sharing

There is one great tool in your Google+ account that can bar your sharing of things. It’s the Circle system of Google Plus. If you don’t want to share things with everyone in Google+, you can use ‘Your Circles’ option so that sharing is limited to the people belonging to the circle. Again, when you want to share information with all the circles, click the option of Your Circles sharing. The information gets automatically shared with all the circles. Don’t have to take the pain of clicking each of the individual circles.

What do you feel about these tricks of Google+? Give them a try!

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