Your Life Depends On A Password, How To Create A Secure Password ?

Password” – The most important secret code of your digital life. Today’s world everything is connected and online. From Communication to Banking, everything is electronic. Each user is assigned with unique user ID and password. Selecting a password completely depends on the user, but there are some criteria to create a safe password.

Today’s word almost everyone use Email, Social Network, file sharing network and banking. lets take these 4. I prefer creating a stronger secure password for these types of accounts.

Bad Secure Password

Things to remember when creating a password.

Password should not contain your name or date of birth or easy password like “Emma123 or name1970”

Never use the same password for every service – This is really a bad idea.

To Create a STRONG password

Use a word or number combination.

  • Ex : digisecrets2013 (Never use your name and date of birth – Worst Idea)


  • Ex : DigisecretS2013 (Here is used UPPERCASE for letter D & S)

Use Special Characters

  • Ex : D!giSecrets2013 (Here I used the char “!” to replace fist “”i)

Never write your password in any place.

Never share your password with anyone, IF shared THEN change immediately.

To Create a SECURE password

The above points are to create strong password. Let me share some tips to create a secure password.

When you Create a password try to use UPPERCASE , LOWERCASE, NUMBERS and SPECIAL CHARACTERS.

  • Try to create a lengthy password with MINIMUM 18 – 20 Chars
  • Minimum 5 Chars should be numbers and 5 chars should be Special characters.
  • Never use a word. use random chars.

If you can’t remember the password,  try to use a secure password manager cum generator to create and store your valuable password with one master secure password. ( Soon I will share some password manager that I trust )

I tested one of my Password, Here is the result. My password contains 6 chars (upper and lower case) + 5 numbers + 5 special characters = 16 random chars 🙂

Secure Password

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