HOT NEWS : Apple iPhone 4 Refurbished Units In India For Just Rs 22,500

In India, We are expecting iPhone 4S on November 25th from Aircel and Airtel. Today we also got a good news that Apple iPhone 4 Factory unlocked refurbished phones will be available for just Rs 22500 for 16 GB version. This comes with proper warranty and bill. Refurbished is not lije the regular second hands phones, these […]

Chinese RAZR Models Appear With Monstrous Specs

Most of the time, multiple cell networks can be annoying — you have to ensure that the phone you’re buying actually supports the network you’re on; you can’t just buy the best phone without checking. It’s even more of a problem in China, where there are three competing mobile standards, each supported by a different […]

8 iOS 5 Features That May Have Slipped Your Attention

Apple is known for its extraordinary software releases from time to time. iOS 5 has been one of the most advanced version of iOS software till date with over 200 features. iOS 5 have some of the most striking changes and tweaks, when compared to any other software release of Apple ever. iPad, iPhone or […]

Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S Now Available On US Apple Stores

Apple Inc, Released iPhone 4S early october 2011. There is a talk that apple may release contract free iPhone 4S from November. Now contract free iPhone 4S are available on US stores. iPhone 4S price are valued ar $649 + tax for 16GB version and 749$ and $849 exclusive of tax for 32 and 64GB […]

iOS Tops In Sharing Pictures On Twitter

Twitter is the one of the popular social networking service. Twitter recently launched its own photo sharing service with the help of photobucket. Twitter also officially integrated with the Apple iOS 5 Mobile operating system. Recent chart shows that about 39% of photos shared on twitter are from iOS devices. From the above chart you […]