8 iOS 5 Features That May Have Slipped Your Attention

Apple is known for its extraordinary software releases from time to time. iOS 5 has been one of the most advanced version of iOS software till date with over 200 features. iOS 5 have some of the most striking changes and tweaks, when compared to any other software release of Apple ever. iPad, iPhone or iPod owners are loving new iOS software version after updating it to iOS 5.

Though, iOS 5 has already marks its place between iOS devices owner – there are still some features that are still hidden from most people. In this article, I am sharing some of the iOS 5 hidden tips & tricks that will make your iOS device more fun to use and productive than ever before. Let us take a look.

ios 5

1. Auto-Correct Keyboard Panel & Shortcuts

According to reliable sources, Apple will be introducing an auto-correct keyboard bar that will facilitate the on-screen typing keyboard. This feature helps users in experiencing a hassle-free typing on their iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Another great feature that iOS would have is the keyboard shortcuts. Users will have the option to save keywords for long phrases, so that they can type the shortcut keywords and save time in typing out long phrases. There will also be a built-in dictionary that will allow users to check the meaning of words by selecting them with the help of standardtap method.

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2. Custom Vibrations Pattern

iOS 5 will allow users to generate their very own personalized vibration patterns. A user can switch on this feature by going to the Settings> General> Accessibility. There are 5 built-in patterns. A user can choose to generate a new one and have it saved on the device. Customized vibration alerts can come handy in selecting a default alert option.

3. Assistive Touch

Another feature that the latest iOS 5 will have is the Assistive Touch. This option will be available under “Accessibility” that is under “Settings” menu. This feature can help users in utilizing multi-touch gestures on their Apple devices. Users can choose create new gestures by dragging a desired pattern on the touch screen. New gestures can be saved on the phone and assigned as shortcuts for several activities.

4. Speak Selection and Voice Over

Voice Over and Speak Selection are the two new exceptional features that iOS 5 is going to offer the users. These two options can prove to be helpful for people who have poor eyesight or prefer using voice commands to reach desired applications.

5. Safari

This is one of the most prominent features that iOS 5 will offer its users. Safari reader is surely going to make web browsing a breeze. Reading lists, articles will be way better with the help of Safari. This can work with iCloud feature that can keep a user’s lists updated.

6. Preinstalled Dictionary

Another notable thing it offers is the preinstalled dictionary that enables you to choose a word applying the normal text select method. It also allow use to check the meaning of the word.

7. Extra features for iPad users

Those who are proud owner of iPad, can use iPad-specific enhancements which are installed in iOS5. With multi-gesture features user can perform many jobs like scrolling up and down, reaching to home page and swapping between apps. There is a split keyboard option which provides you ease of typing.

8. Freedom from PC

With the release of iOS 5, users will attain complete freedom from PC. Activation can be done right on the device and there is absolutely no need to connect the device to a PC. All software updates can be accessed through the Apple device itself.With iOS, users will be able to make the most of the media editor apps.

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