R2D2 Alarm Clock – Projects Time And Wakes You With R2D2 Sound

Are you StarWars Fan? If you are StarWars fan, I am sure you will be biggest fan of R2D2. The Droid that saved many people. R2D2 Alarm Clock resembles exactly like R2D2 Droid. The Alarm clock projects the times on the wall or celling, during night time it looks amazing. R2D2 Alarm clock can make R2D2 Sounds.

R2D2 Alarm Clock is powered by 1 sets of batteries (2 x AAA and 1 x LR44 button cell). You can manually rotate the head of R2D2 upto 300 Degrees. The legs are movable. The replacement of the battery is also easy at the bottom you have to remove the screw and the base to access the battery compartment.

R2D2 Alarm Clock Features

  • Projects the time onto any wall of ceiling
  • Built in alarm clock
  • Plays classic R2-D2 Sounds
  • Built in LCD alarm clock so you can tell the time in brightly lit rooms
  • Rotatable Head
  • Movable Legs to use in different position

R2D2 Alarm Clock Gallery

R2D2 Alarm Clock (1)R2D2 Alarm Clock (2)

R2D2 Alarm Clock (3)R2D2 Projection Alarm Clock (4)

R2D2 Alarm Clock (5)

R2D2 Alarm Clock is a perfect collector item. The projection and the R2D2 Sounds can be turned on by hitting the demo button. There is a mini display in R2D2’s Body to show the clock. You can get R2D2 Alarm clock from mobilefun.co.uk for £21.95. MobileFun fun also have iPad accessories for your awesome iPad. Are you going to get R2D2 Alarm Clock ?

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