iMusic Memory Foam Pillow Review

Likes Music? Is your headphones irritating when you are trying to relax? In that case, iMusic Memory Foam Pillow is the best solution for you. This pillow has a built in speaker which lets you to listen to your music in total comfort. Since it uses 3.5 mm audio cable you can connect to iPod or any music player with ease. The Memory Foam iMusic Pillow is ideal for taking on holiday, using on long journeys and especially perfect for bed.

What is memory foam?

Memory Foam was initially designed and utilised by NASA in the early 1970’s to absorb the incredible G-forces astronauts encounter. It was believed that one of the vital means to reducing G-forces on the body of astronauts was to use foam material that could conform to each person’s shape. The beauty of visco elastic foam is that it can indeed conform to and embrace the contours of a person’s body; however, it also adapts to any movements of the body, and then can rebound quickly to return to its normal shape once pressure is removed.

iMusic Memory Foam Pillow

iMusic Memory Foam Pillow Features

  • Inbuilt Speaker for added comfort
  • Compatible with any audio source featuring a standard 3.5mm Jack
  • Truly personal player with no disturbance to those around you

iMusic Memory Foam Pillow

Every product has a disadvantage, iMusic Memory form pillow one too, if the room is silent and volume is high or if some track produce more sound, it will definitely disturb the person next to you or the one in the room, best if you relax alone. If you relax alone and looking for best iPhone Accessories iMusic Memory Form Pillow will be a good Choice. You can get iMusic Memory form pillow from for £17.95. 

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