YouTube has numerous educational resources that are yet to be exploited fully by both educators and learners. These resources are easy to use and readily accessible. The sharing platform allows users to create and watch videos for free. This has resulted in a library of over a million of videos. According to (, a […]

How Smartphone & Apps Help In Education ? [Infographic]

Few years back, with mobile phones we can only MAKE CALLS AND SEND TEXT MESSAGE. Later, some improvements are made and few extra features like Radio, MP3, VGA camera were included. In recent days there are lots of innovations in smartphone technology and development like Quality displays, high resolution cameras, large storage capacity, advance communication […]

Apple Airs New iPad 2 Commercial – “Learn”

Apple has released a new TV commercial for iPad 2 named “Learn”. This commercial is focused on iPad’s role in Education. Are you curious about new ideas, Do you want to learn a new language or just a new word, Maybe you want to know more about anatomy or astronomy, You could master something new […]