How Smartphone & Apps Help In Education ? [Infographic]

Few years back, with mobile phones we can only MAKE CALLS AND SEND TEXT MESSAGE. Later, some improvements are made and few extra features like Radio, MP3, VGA camera were included. In recent days there are lots of innovations in smartphone technology and development like Quality displays, high resolution cameras, large storage capacity, advance communication networks. If we take iOS, Android, Blackberry OS or Windows Phone OS there are lots of THIRD PARTY APPS which are really useful for the users.

Are there any apps for Students ? Are there any apps to learn something ? Yes, there are lots of apps for education and student community. For example Apple apps like iBooks, iTunesU are specially made for education.

Students must wisely use the default apps that comes out of the box with the smartphone. Students can use the basic apps like√ā¬†calculator, camera, video recorder, notepad, email, sound recorder for educational purpose like taking the important notes in the class or recording the entire classroom session for later observation.

Here is an interesting infographic that shows how smartphones and apps are really useful in Education.

How Apps Helps In Education ?


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