PR Done Right – Infographic

Understanding the positive and negative effects of PR campaigns is integral to your success – both as a PR professional and as a Masters in Public Relations candidate. The only way to truly learn what works, what doesn’t, and what can cause outright disaster is to study your predecessors. From CVS’s removal of tobacco from the shelves […]

The Great Indian Online Shopping Guide

The urban India has been the real reason behind the online shopping’s growth in the year 2102 – 13. Google’s statistics are very thrilling about online shopping which reported 128% growth. The future will also witness the same kind of growth and may be even more promising. The coming years will see many businesses, enterprises […]

Who Uses The Internet Best ? [Infographic]

Internet, basic need of a human being. Internet usage differs from person to person. According to a study called the web index, which measured the web’s global impact in 61 countries. According to the study, SWEDEN uses the internet best than US. The United States has a lower percentage of  household with personal computers and they […]

Top U.S. Tech Companies Ad Expenses [Infographic]

Advertising is one of the important factor to promote the business. Big giants spends more on creative advertising to create desire and attraction among the people to purchase their product. Advertisement can be made in any method, but it should reach the customer. Last year, U.S. tech company advertisers continued to increase ad and promo spending so […]

How Smartphone & Apps Help In Education ? [Infographic]

Few years back, with mobile phones we can only MAKE CALLS AND SEND TEXT MESSAGE. Later, some improvements are made and few extra features like Radio, MP3, VGA camera were included. In recent days there are lots of innovations in smartphone technology and development like Quality displays, high resolution cameras, large storage capacity, advance communication […]