How Much do you Trust your Banking App?

It seems as if going paperless is being pushed at us from all sides with a number of new banks actually counting on their customers being happy to manage all of their finances using their smartphones. The big question will therefore be, ‘is your money safe with an app only bank?’ Before answering that question […]

Don’t Forget to Include These Add-ons into the Price of Your Tech

Do you remember the last time you purchased a TV? If you don’t, then it was probably long enough ago that you didn’t have to purchase a lot of extra things to get it up and running. Sure, you had to buy a cable or satellite package. But you probably already had that from your […]

3 Must-Have Accessories to Toughen Up Your Smartphone

Over the years, smartphones have become indispensable devices. Their use has evolved from making calls and sending text messages to helping us navigate unknown territory, keeping us informed of the latest news updates, and even tracking our finances. As an everyday device, it’s only a matter of time before your smartphone slips out of your […]

4 Types of Videos that Businesses Should Start Creating

For any business nowadays it is more important than ever to get on board the video content train. With more people than ever consuming more hours of video than ever before, businesses are more likely to reach more people with videos than any other type of content. On top of that the engagement levels of […]

EPSON EH- TW8300 (Review)

You might have always wanted to experience an amazing effect that is produced out of a home projector. I know that not all projectors generate the same effect and results, but if you experience the EPSON EH- TW8300 home projector, you will understand the alteration between them. The EPSON EH- TW8300 home projector is equipped […]