EPSON EH- TW8300 (Review)

You might have always wanted to experience an amazing effect that is produced out of a home projector. I know that not all projectors generate the same effect and results, but if you experience the EPSON EH- TW8300 home projector, you will understand the alteration between them. The EPSON EH- TW8300 home projector is equipped with 3LCD technology to deliver stunning and realistic projections and larger than life images. With its 4K Enhancement Technology, you can view clear and vivid pictures, while capturing every subtle intricacy.

So today I am reviewing this awesome EPSON EH- TW8300 home projector with each and every quality and tell you why it is superior compared to the other similar devices.

Summary of features

  • Full HD 1080p resolution
  • 4K Enhancement Technology
  • 3LCD technology
  • 3D image quality
  • White and Color Light Output of 2,500 Lumens
  • Contrast ratio at 1,000,000:1
  • Ease of setup with motorized lens adjustment
  • Multiple modes
  • High refresh rate and contrast ratio
  • Wireless transmission
  • Ease of control

The EPSON EH- TW8300 Home Projector- detailed

The EPSON EH- TW8300 features delivers bright and vivid pictures of 3D quality with high color brightness up to 2,500lm. You can choose from a variety of color modes, depending on your viewing surroundings and contents. Even during daytime, you can view brilliant images in a dynamic mode without having to dim the lights. Its other modes include the cinema mode and a living mode where you can experience authentic cinema viewing in your home atmosphere and enjoy the high image quality from your living room. The living mode is perfect for large family gatherings.

The EPSON EH- TW8300 comes with a 2D to 3D conversion function with three levels of image depth. You can select the screen size and adjust it according to your requirement and sit back to enjoy your movie viewing experience. Its groundbreaking 4K enhancement technology shifts each pixel diagonally by 0.5 pixels for twice the vertical and horizontal resolution. Not only this, you can also enjoy vibrant and sharp images with HDR (High Dynamic Range) projections that let the picture and its colors come to life. The projector is compatible with the latest HDR format that enables it to extract clear and detailed representations of pictures having variations in brightness to deliver in-depth and detailed images with 3D effects.

The TW8300 projector is equipped with Full HD RF 3D glasses, making it more comfortable for you, and it can be simply connected with Bluetooth without any transmission interference or from any obstacles in the room. The projector is packed with a motorized lens that lets you configure it with 10 positions for zooming, focusing and lens shifting for standard projections and wide cinema ratios. Which means you can simply change the aspect ratio to fit the pictures you are viewing for the finest viewing experience.

This projector can be installed with total flexibility with the wide lens shift range, and shorter focal length, which is around 298cm small, is possible with a 100-inch screen. The broad shift range of 96% vertically and 47% horizontally with the optical lens shift function also keeps the image deterioration low, letting you place the projector at any position in the room.

The EPSON EH- TW8300 comes with a compact design so that it intakes air and exhaust it easily from the front. This helps you place it in narrow spaces such as bookshelves or close to the walls without having to worry about its ventilation. Moreover, it supports wireless transmission for smooth and smart projection. With the optional WiFi adapter called ELPAP10 and the iProjection app, the images can be projected straight from Android or iOS devices. On the other hand, to wirelessly project from a PC or laptop, you need to install the EasyMP Network Projection software. In the iProjection app, your device can also be used as a remote control, which also includes the touch control operation for easier navigation of menus including the Picture Quality Presets. It can be selected to suit an array of room environments.

The projector also includes the Epson Cinema Filter that extracts the pure hues of the three primary colors from the lamp light to produce a wide color range. It enables unbeatable color reproduction and quality while maintaining the high contrast ratios those are difficult to be acquired with electronic color correction. This projector is equipped with the PiP (Picture-in-Picture) function that gives you a preview of another HDMI source that can be switched on your screen. It easily switches to the main picture or alters the size and placement of the sub-picture on the screen.

When the projector starts, a home screen image is displayed on the screen. This makes the functionality easier for you to conveniently access the operations. With the Frame interpolation technology, you can insert new frames between the original ones, which results in suppression in blurring and making the moving pictures look sharper and smoother. For additional image enhancement, a chip from Epson enables the projector to implement an advanced image processing functions. This is the improved version of the Super Resolution function and works collaboratively with the noise reduction processing to let you enjoy clearer and more beautiful image quality. The HDMI link allows you to control the projector, the AV amplifier, and the player at the same time just a single remote control. The remote control also features a backlight for controlling the devices even in a low light or dark room.

Pricing and Availability

The EPSON EH- TW8300 comes in white color and is available to purchase from the leading online retailers. The projector is priced Rs. 2, 24,000 from Amazon.

The EPSON EH- TW8300 home projector delivers out of the world cinema and picture viewing and brings you an immersive experience you have never seen before. If you take a break from the regular television sizes and try this amazing device, you will avail an experience which is worth the price you pay for it. Built with the advanced technologies, the EPSON EH- TW8300 projector conveys realistic colors and images that you ever wanted to experience in your home.

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