Watch Head to Head: Casio vs. Swatch Timepieces

With the advent of the Apple Watch, you could be forgiven for thinking that trends in the timepiece markets have changed irreparably and forever. This is not necessarily the case; however, as the watch that you choose to wear remains an important and often telling fashion accessory. According to some style experts, the Apple Watch […]

Archer C20 – AC 750 Wireless Dual Band Router [Review]

Archer C20 – AC 750 Wireless dual band router is the most advanced and next generation WiFi router till now. This device has the highest power efficiency and the most superior security features which are ultimate for home and office usage. It can easily accelerate a multimedia network and resolve all obstructions which are caused […]

Mi Band Fitness Monitor and Sleep Tracker Review 

After the huge success of Mi 3, Mi 4 and Redmi 1S, Xiaomi is not pretending to relax a bit. With such enormous effort and popularity, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer has planned something out of the box and therefore, the invention of Mi Band took place. Mi Band is your companion to monitor your daily […]

Asus ZenPower [Review]

Asus launched its high powered 10050mAh power bank, the ZenPower, having a number of dynamic features which is likely to steal the show. ZenPower is a highly supported power bank which supports multiple devices from almost all popular brands. It has a great capacity to meet your charging demand which is very unusual compared to […]

My Passport Wireless, an easy to use Wi-Fi enabled storage drive

A Western Digital company, WD, recently released an easy to use WiFi enabled storage device, known as My Passport Wireless, which allow you to save, operate, transfer and share stored content wirelessly with any device. The device can be used in smartphone, tablets, computers and notebooks and it is a portable device that can be […]