RhinoShield PlayProof – Impact Protection Case [Review]

Where do you go when you want a lightweight case that is strong enough to make sure that you phone doesn’t break even when you drop, throw it or go crazy in any other way? Yeah, that’s practically impossible, but RhinoShield PlayProof will get you close to that.

Before I proceed with the review, you should know what kind of a guy you are dealing with here.

Here’re a few things I’ve dropped and broken when used without a case:

  1. iPad Mini
  2. iPhone 4
  3. iPhone 4S
  4. iPhone 5S

All of these except the 4S shattered on impact, and that’s how horrible I am with dropping stuff and breaking them.

So come to the iPhone 6+ that I currently have. RhinoShield were friendly enough to send us a review unit, with a dare that says put it on and drop your phone, “go crazy.”

(I might have made up parts of the above sentence)

RhinoShield PlayProof First Impressions:

Solid finish, doesn’t really look like a heavy duty case. Think of Steven Rogers before the transformation, now imagine that guy holding the vibranium shield and being skinny Captain America. You get my point don’t ya?

It does add weight to the phone, doesn’t look and feel as bulky as the other heavy duty cases and most importantly, it looks elegant and fits just right. The premium feel is evident everywhere.


Not too many here, power on the right volume rockers on the left. The buttons are a little bit hard, but once you use them for a while, you’ll get used to them, they dont become soft.


Mute button, earphones, and the lighting connector. All open, no flaps or anything. Personally, I like it because this case is supposed to be one which takes relatively regular drops, occasionally bad drops but not for being submerged or for water parties.



Honey Comb structure, important, essential, crucial for the drop resistance.

RhinoShield PlayProof 3

Setting Up:

Putting the phone inside the case is a little bit of a difficult job, mostly because its a pretty tight fit and a slip here and there and you’ll be switching mute/volume as fast as indicators go. If you are the kinda person who changes cases quite often, please don’t use this, it will take a while to put it on or take it off.


The part where you want to know “how safe is the phone.”

Its safe, very safe. I’ve dropped it multiple times with the case on, no issues whatsoever. I drop the phone every now and then, nothing huge but think of the daily drops.

  1. Accidentally push it from your 4-foot desk.
  2. Drop it while getting out of your car.
  3. Earpods get stuck somewhere and the phone flies out of your pocket.
  4. Falls out of your jeans pocket by accident.

RhinoShield PlayProof

And the non-conventional drops:

  1. Drop it to show off how awesome your case is.
  2. Godzilla shows up, you take a selfie and drop it when you’re running faster than Bolt.
  3. Thanos says hi, and you hit him with your phone.
  4. Go head to head with Mjolnir

(only the first one really happened)

Final Verdict:

I love RhinoShield PlayProof impact protection case; it works for someone who wants a sturdy case that doesn’t break in case of a nonconventional drop and still wants the case to be something that isn’t too bulky. Agreed, it is a tiny bit bulky but for the protection it offers, I really have no qualms. Definitely one of the best cases out there, highly recommended. Buy RhinoShield PlayProof impact protection case from evolutivelabs.com

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