TarDisk – Ultimate Storage Expansion Drive For Mac

Macbook, ultimate productivity machine from Apple. Storage is very important when it comes to any computer or mobile device. I  am using a MacBook Air with 128 GB SSD Storage. Storage is a Problem. I was using large portable HDD’s. Finally found a neat solution. TarDisk is the perfect storage expansion drive for us. Just forget about the portable HDD’s.


TarDisk Specifications:

The package is simple like any other package of SD or MicroSD cards.

Unibody Aluminium Construction
Half the size regular SD card
Gold plated contact plates
High-Density NAND Storage
4K Storage Support
128 GB and 256 Storage Options




Compatible MacBooks

MacBook Pro Non-Retina
MacBook Pro Retina
MacBook Air

First Impressions

TarDisk uses MacBooks’s SD card slot. It just fit inside the SD card slot perfectly. Like regular SD cards, this will not peep out because TarDisk is just half the size of the regular SD cards. There is the groove to pull the card out of the slot. It is designed such a way that, it will not fall out while moving the MacBook around or while keeping in a backpack.


Insert the TarDisk into SD card slot like any other SD Card. Initially, it was shown as an external drive.  It comes with Tar Pear software to merge Mac SSD and TarDisk to act as Fusion Drive. Before installing the software, take a backup of the Mac and quit all applications before installing the software.

Internet connection is required to install the software. Once the Tar Pear process is completed, Mac will show the overall storage space by combining the Internal storage and TarDisk storage. TarDisk is a permanent solution; we should not remove the TarDisk. If we remove, OS will crash.


TarDisk5 TarDisk6


The speed and performance of the Mac were not affected. Pear software smartly manages the files between your Mac SSD and TarDisk. Recently opened files, frequently opened apps are stored on the internal SSD so that it will be faster, like fusion drive. I found no lags or any performance difference while using Tar.

I ran a speed test; the results were amazing. We can see the write speed at 76.2 MB/s and Read speed at 85.4 MB/s.


MacBook SD Card slot – Forget about it.

TarDisk as secondary drive

Some users may prefer to use TarDisk as the secondary drive. It is possible. All you have to do is install the TarDisk without Pear software. By doing this, you don’t have to sacrifice the SD card slot.


We can use it in two different ways
1. As hybrid drive – If you are ready to sacrifice SD card slot go for this option. The performance of the Mac was not affected, and it doubles the Mac Storage just like that.


2. As secondary drive – If you use your SD card frequently, use it as a backup drive.



TarDisk is absolutely value for money.

TarDisk 128 GB  – $149
TarDisk 256 GB – $399


TarDisk is the perfect storage expansion tool for your Mac. There was slight difference in the SD card slots based on the MacBook Variant. Choose the correct model. It is simple and easy. Click here to get your TarDisk

If you have any questions, please do share in the comment section below.

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  1. How did the “Disk Speed Test” appear after the computer was “Pear’ed” ? 🙂

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