Sandisk Wireless Connect USB Drive – Review

Storage is important to every gadget owner. How to safely store a file, how you access the stored content.

When it comes to storage, quick access and easy portability, USB flash drives play a vital role. Nowadays OTG USB drives are available in markets. If you have an Android phone the are lots of Micro USB to USB drives available; the phone has to support these kinds of storage options.

Sandisk Wireless Connect 1

If you take any iOS devices Lightning to USB drives are available. Likewise for USB C for USB C devices. A single device can access it at a time. Cross platform is not possible in these devices.

Sandisk Comes with smart devices by integrating wireless technology with USB drive. Sandisk Wireless Connect USB is similar to a size of an adult finger. It has its battery to power the device and create wireless storage.

This device has one physical button to power up the device and one LED indicator to show the status. The device itself takes 2 hours to charge fully. A fully charge cycle can create a wireless access for 6 hours, depends on usage. Sandisk Wireless Connect uses wireless N technology for faster transfer rate.

Sandisk Wireless Connect 2

To charge the device just connect the device to any USB port. We can access the files while charging the device is attached to a computer. Three devices can be accessed at the same time. The files are accessed on mobile devices using Sandisk Connect App.

The app has many features like it shows the remaining juice available on the device, Storage status and the device storage. Sandisk Wireless Connect also act as a WIFI extender, via app, we can configure the internet connection.

Sandisk Wireless Connect 3

I am using Sandisk Wireless Connect with my iPhone 6S. There is an amazing feature added to the Sandisk Connect mobile app. We can automatically back up the camera roll whenever the iPhone has connected the device. We can also choose to delete the camera roll contents or not after the backup is compleated.

Based on my experience and usage, I will say this Sandisk Wireless Connect is a must have accessory for all mobile users. Sandisk Wireless USB drive is available in various storage option likes 16 GB, 32 GB. 64 GB, 128 GB and 200 GB (OMG). Sandisk wireless connect USB drive available with the major online e-commerce website. You can also easily find in local stores.

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