Italian Language Support For SIRI Will Be Coming This Year

Siri, the intelligent virtual assistant for iPhone 4S. During march 7th “The New iPad” Event, Apple announced Japanese language support for Siri. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple Inc, responded to customer email and confirmed that Siri Italian Language Support will be released later this year.


Dear Tim,

I wonder why you do not like Italy, I think we are good customers for you but do not relish this. 

Watch this , we are the second country in Europe (we are behind all’UK!) 
In particular: 
1) Siri is not yet been released in Italian (rather strange after 6 months) 
2) We are no longer in the group of “first day” of a product launch iPhone 4 (there are some nations that are not at our level)



Here is Tim Cook’s response


I love Italy.

We will support Italian in SIRI this year.



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