6 Best Features Of iOS 6

Apple announced iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. iOS 6 has 200+ improved features when compared to previous iOS versions. Here is the collection of 6 best features of iOS 6



Apple’s most famous voice interaction system, Siri has gained a lot more capabilities and can perform many more tasks now. Siri can carry out simple commands like opening apps or sending out a tweet. And Siri has just become much more smarter too, with sports news and movie details. Siri can now pull scores of the latest football match or let you know about the hottest movies in town and it just works.

Facebook Integration

When iOS5 got twitter integration, it was at its best and we did see how efficiently and seamlessly it worked. With iOS6, facebook is now integrated into the operating system. This means that users can share status updates right from the notification bar or tap a photo to directly share it into facebook. Also, the Like button is everywhere inside iOS6, right from the App Store to the iTunes Store allowing users to like their favorite apps and songs.


Apple has made one of their biggest moves by ditching Google Maps in their iOS ecosystem. Apple has brought in its own Maps app which now features turn by turn navigation, 3D views and many more new features. The new maps app is also integrated with Siri which makes communicating and navigating through places much more easier on the iPhone .

Phone App

The phone app on the iPhone has been the same since the first iPhone and now, with iOS6 it has received some updates as well. While rejecting a call, the user can reject with standard preset messages in one tap or also ask the Phone to remind the user to reply once they reach a particular place or at some particular time. Also, Facetime calls can now be done over a 3G connection.

Also, some new features like Do Not Disturb are now a part of iOS which ensures that the users get their sleep without notifications or call alerts disturbing their sleep.

Photos and Mail

The photos app just became more social. iPhone users on iOS6 can share photos between each other and friends via iCloud and the Photo Stream automatically syncs the photos across all devices allowing your close friends and dear ones to know what you’re up to.

The Mail app has just got a small addon, though quite an important one. It allows the user to mark few people under the newly introduced VIP category. The iPhone will notify with a push message only for those emails which are received from the contacts under the VIP Category. Quite a useful feature for those who get many emails everyday.


Passbook is a new app introduced in iOS6 which allows users to keep track and maintain their vouchers, coupons and boarding passes. This app also has in-app flight timings and updates which update on their own. The Passbook app also has offers from nearby outlets when the user is near places like Starbucks.

That’s pretty much all the features which Apple has added to iOS6. iOS6 will be available this fall and is compatible to run on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S along with the iPad 2, new iPad and iPod Touch 4th Generation devices.

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