iblazr LED flash for Apple and Android [Review]

iblazr is a small and cute looking LED flash for Apple and Android devices that let your pictures shine out in the dark. It is the first ever totally synchronized flash which is powerful and multifunctional even in such a small size. iblazr is the world’s smallest LED flash which comes with a USB charger, […]

CollageIt 3 Pro for Mac

Who doesn’t like to make a collage? Isn’t it wonderful to see all your important pictures in the same frame? Im not talking about seeing them temporarily, im talking about printing them out and having them in a frame. If you aren’t the kind of person who uses pictures at home, read no further, but […]

CameraSharp – All-in-one Camera App For iPhone Is FREE For Limited Time

iPhone is the best mobile camera to take sunning photos. iPhone photography is popular in these days. Flickr also announced that iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 holds first and second position in case of best mobile camera. Here is the stunning pics shot using iPhone 4S camera. Lots of apps are there for shooting awesome […]

Photogene 2 for iPhone Improved With Bluetooth Photo Sharing Between iOS Devices

Photogene 2 one of the best photo editing app for iPhone got a huge update. Now you can order direcrly from photogene for real photo prints whihc will be delivered via postal mail. The most added feature is now you can send photos to other iOS device user via Bluetooth with the help of Photogene app Major […]