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iPhone is the best mobile camera to take sunning photos. iPhone photography is popular in these days. Flickr also announced that iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 holds first and second position in case of best mobile camera.

Here is the stunning pics shot using iPhone 4S camera.

Lots of apps are there for shooting awesome pics using your iPhone. CameraSharp is one in that group but offers amazing rich features to take stunning photos. CameraShare offers various features like anti shake, sound shutter, burst, time lapse, big button, self timer, album viewer, and more


Core Features:

  • Simple, no-frills blazing fast picture taking with automatic background saving directly to the camera roll.
  • Six modes: normal, anti-shake, sound shutter, continuous, big button, self-timer.
  • ANTI-SHAKE steadies your camera and lets you take the sharpest pictures possible, free of blur.
  • SOUND ACTIVATED SHUTTER allows you to take pictures of you or your friends without touching the camera by simply whistling or clapping.
  • CONTINUOUS MODE allows fully customizable photo and time control allowing you to take multiple photos with a set interval. Perfect for burst or unattended time-lapse photos!
  • BIG BUTTON MODE allows you to touch anywhere on the screen to snap a picture.
  • Our exclusive Tactile Timer, the most intuitive self-timer in the app store, allows you to set a countdown with just a simple rotating gesture.
  • Our exclusive Bubble Level measures tilt in all three dimensions and uses the built-in accelerometer and gyroscope to help you accurately capture the perfect angle for your photo
  • Our Spot Focus and Exposure system gives you precise, fine-grained control over the photo composition. Please note: due to hardware limitations, these two features are not fully supported on the iPhone 3G, but are on the iPhone 3GS and higher.
  • Separate focus, exposure, and white balance locks give you ultimate control while remaining out of your way.
  • Lightning-fast built-in album viewer lets you view your photos and email them without having to leave the app.

Extra Features:

  • Full EXIF + optional geotagging
  • Digital zoom
  • All features work equally well on front/back cameras
  • Full resolution photos
  • Flash control
  • Rule-of-thirds grid

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