iblazr LED flash for Apple and Android [Review]

iblazr is a small and cute looking LED flash for Apple and Android devices that let your pictures shine out in the dark. It is the first ever totally synchronized flash which is powerful and multifunctional even in such a small size. iblazr is the world’s smallest LED flash which comes with a USB charger, silicon diffuser, cold shoe mount and a carrying bag.

iblazr is a rectangle shaped flash which consists of 4 high power LED’s and 70 degree optics that delivers high amount of light and power. Specifically built for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, the device is small, light weight and fits easily into your device as smartphone owners seek. iblazr’s body is enveloped with plastic casing.

iblazr LED flash for Apple and Android 1

The 3.5mm audio jack is a universally compatible device that will fit easily into any modern smartphone, tablet, macro photography and keyboard lighting. iblazr comes with 3 flash modes: 1st power up to 3 hours, 2nd power up to 50 minutes and 3rd power up to 25 minutes. The device has an in built lithium-ion battery of 130 mAh which can be charged via the audio jack into your computer or power adapter. Initially when you receive the device will be half charged, so you need to recharge it fully. Once it is fully charged, you can start using it by inserting the 3.5mm audio jack into your smartphone and switching on iblazr’s power button. When not in use you can turn it off.

iblazr LED flash for Apple and Android 2

To use iblazr, you can download the iblazr app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone which will allow you to use more customization options, front and rear camera control, photo/video mode control, flash switcher and library access. With this app you can control your iblazr device seamlessly.

Compared to the in-built smartphone flashes, iblazr delivers a little more extra light to glow up your images, especially the ones taken in low light and darkness. It proves more useful while taking selfies because generally a smartphone’s front camera contains low flash or no flash, so iblazr make your selfies more amazing. iblazr removes the red eye effect due to its exact beam angle. iblazr’s 5600K light temperature deliver natural images even in low light and bring out images with more details.

iblazr comes in black color and is compatible with all the modern smartphones and tablets. The device is priced $60.99 which is worth the performance in delivers.

iblazr LED flash for Apple and Android 3

If you are a keen photographer and frequently use your smartphone to click photographs then iblazr is the device that you need. With its seamless options and hassle free usage you can carry it anywhere and use it anyway. With the iblazr app you can change the options and get high quality images on your smartphone. It syncs pretty easily with your device and because of it density you can use it all the time without any trouble.

Therefore, I would highly recommend iblazr as your photography companion as it’s a pretty good device that helps deliver quality images. You can get this iBlazr LED flash from mobilefun.co.uk

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