a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS [Review]

a-JAYS Five is the headphone meant for iOS devices which is built using the most advanced technologies. This headphone delivers quality audio to your ears which transport perfect voice clarity and audio surrounding. So today I am going to review this outstanding product from Mobilefun.co.uk which is the headphone of this generation and supports the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS 1


a-JAYS Five is designed using aluminium and thermoplastic materials with  full-featured buttons as remote. These round shaped ear buds are made of silicone skins followed by a flat cord containing the three buttons. These three buttons comprise of the volume up and down button and the centre button functions as the make or answer calls/play/pause/rewind/forward option. a-JAYS Five looks simply stunning in white and the buttons are designed in concave/convex shape for good gripping and feeling.

a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS 2 a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS 3

The Technology

a-JAYS Five is built with the advanced MEMS (Micro-electromechanical systems) technology to deliver the best-in-class speech functionality. Its in-built echo cancellation provides first-class audio quality even in noisy situations. Compared to other microphones, its performance won’t deteriorate because its mic-magnets gets recharged whenever you connect it to the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS 5


The microphone includes an acoustic sensor, a low noise input buffer, and an output speaker. The cord is tangle-resistant to avoid bothering you about knotty cables.

a-JAYS Five used the same technology as Apple did in their earphones. You can easily control your music, change volume, make and answer calls. The earphone delivers excellent sound quality or bass effects to make it enjoyable to you to listen to your favourite tracks.

a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS 6

The button remote is 20% thinner than the previous a-JAYS Four model and is slightly larger to make it more comfortable for you to use and feel an improved grip. They are made with thermoplastic materials to give your fingers a smoother effect. The buttons work as a full-featured remote so that you can easily switch tracks and answer calls with a single tap.

a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS 7 a-JAYS Five Earphones for iOS 4

The ear buds are dressed with a silicone material to give the best and perfect fit to your ears and provides maximum comfort to your ears.


a-JAYS Five is priced just £25 and can be purchased from Mobilefun.co.uk.


a-JAYS Five is meant to deliver premium quality sound and relieve your ears from the noisy situations. With brilliant craftsmanship, this earphone is till now the best-developed earphone by JAYS for iOS devices that gives complete attention to music and provides detailed audio quality to your ears. It is built using the latest technologies and brings effortless music to your ears without skipping a single beat. You can easily control music and the microphone offers crystal clear speech ensuring high-quality audio.

About JAYS

JAYS comprise of a dedicated group of designers and engineers who build great products for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The company from Stockholm started back in 2006 aiming to develop the most comfortable and standard earphones which are built with innovative methods and technologies to provide you a convenient and pleasing lifestyle.

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