How Important Is Social Media For A Small Company?

Today is the day of the lean and mean enterprise, these lightweight and fast guys are ruling the roost and literally changing the name of the game. Rules are being re-written and the sky is the limit to those who have the will and the plan to execute. There are many examples of such small […]

iZenica, Premium Apple Reseller Plans To Open 8 Stores In India

Apple has many crazy fans in India. iZenica, a premium apple reseller launched its first store at GIP, Noida. This store is packed with all latest apple products. This store is located at the ground floor of the mall and also offers fantastic apple experience. iZenica, also planned to launch 8 new stores, by the end of […]

E-Commerce And Why It Flourished In India?

India is seen by the world as a developing nation, but I would argue that it is a rapidly developing nation in which the mobile industry is making a sea of change. One simple reason, it has made the internet affordable and into the hands of all the common people easily. This fact can be […]

New iPad Arrives In 12 More Countries This Week, Indians Be Ready On 27th April

The New iPad from Apple is the best tablet available in the market, The new iPad is packed with Retina Display, 1Ghz Dual core processor, Quad Core GPU, 1GB RAM. Comes as WiFi Only and also WiFi + LTE model. Available in Black and White color. Apple today announced that The New iPad will be […]