E-Commerce And Why It Flourished In India?

India is seen by the world as a developing nation, but I would argue that it is a rapidly developing nation in which the mobile industry is making a sea of change. One simple reason, it has made the internet affordable and into the hands of all the common people easily. This fact can be noted easily with a very specific feature of the internet which actually makes life a lot easier – e commerce.

A Ecommerce website is a place where you shop stuff just like you do in real life, except the product is virtually seen and ordered for a later point in time for delivery. But in India, there has been a recent flourish in ecommerce websites everywhere. Why? One reason as I have already said is the rapid uptake to the internet medium. But that alone cannot be the reason, right?


Yes, it’s all in the moolah, money. Amazon is the most well known no.1 worldwide ecommerce provider and it was a HUGE business for it, but it never launched in India and people like us were still enviously looking at our U.S visiting friends who could buy almost anything online, even grocery! And when I say HUGE business, I mean the revenue it generates is mind blowing. This had to change in India, so slowly startups like flipkart, which was founded by Amazon alumnis, started to sell a few things online and see if this business model actually works. And it did, and it did very well!

After seeing the success of some companies, a lot of companies followed suit. And now we have a wide variety of companies trying to sell us all kinds of products from shoes to cell phones all, just online. And the mobile internet generation has very well taken to it.

So, what do you think? Are there more reasons to why Ecommerce has flourished in India? Let us know in the comments section below

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